“MM SHRM has proven extremely beneficial with respect to my professional growth and development. I have had access to local, cost-effective, and timely education and learning opportunities, opportunities to develop as a leader, and to grow my professional network. And while the benefits to me personally are enormous, I am pleased that I am able to leverage what I’ve learned and the connections I’ve made for the benefit of my employer and employees who I serve.”

-Scottie Girouard, Metro Milwaukee SHRM member since 2002.

“I lived abroad for 16 years and was always an international member of SHRM. When I moved to the Milwaukee area, the very first thing I did was join my local SHRM chapter. I went to the Member Open House and joined 3 Special Interest Groups right off the bat after hearing the enthusiasm with which they described their member interactions! Through MM SHRM I went from knowing virtually no one to having “my people” with similar professional interests. When offered, I took the chance to co-chair a Special Interest Group and that decision gave me a chance to grow even more as a professional! Thanks MM SHRM!”

-Rena Somersan, Metro Milwaukee SHRM member since 2008.

“As a Human Capital leader, MM SHRM provides an external avenue to explore other organization’s best practices in the profession, which lays the groundwork for outstanding idea generation for our own programs.  By participating in the committee’s and events, the creativity reaches beyond what we would have access to within our organization.  This has a pay it forward affect that is can’t have a dollar value placed on it.”

-Kelly Renz, Metro Milwaukee SHRM member since 2005.

“I became a member of MM SHRM a few years ago when I wanted to build my local network of HR professionals. Recently I needed to find a local vendor for some HR services. I contacted my MM SHRM network and within minutes had multiple options. That is the power of the MM SHRM network!”

-Cheryl Biro, Metro Milwaukee SHRM member since 2007.

 “I joined MM SHRM in 2006, but I didn’t get involved with the Special Interest Groups  until 2007.  MM SHRM has been one of the most valuable organizations for our firm as it relates to networking and exchanging ideas with knowledgeable and dedicated people.  The educational programs provided throughout the year are very timely, valuable and affordable.  The committees (special interest groups) provide a unique opportunity for people to get ideas and gain insight from other organizations.  In addition, I’ve found the networking to be the most valuable of any other organization in the Milwaukee area.”

-Ryan McClone, Metro Milwaukee SHRM member since 2006.

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