Social Networking

 Social Networking

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Metro Milwaukee SHRM’s Social networking sites allows you to:

You must be a member of MM SHRM to participate in our Facebook Group and LinkedIn group.

  • Create a robust, online social networking platform enabling self-forming communities of interest to foster member to member communications;
  • Connect with your colleagues;
  • Develop your own HR networks; and
  • Share stories, case studies, and other documents.

Milwaukee Metro SHRM’s Facebook and LinkedIn Groups were customized specifically for HR professionals to reach out and learn more about upcoming Metro Milwaukee SHRM events, allow you to share your stories, and hear other HR Pro’s view points and experience.

Our Facebook and LinkedIn Groups were created to assist HR professionals “advance the profession” in their own organizations and communities by allowing you to seek input and advice from fellow HR professionals.  Start today by signing up.  Staff will confirm your request to join the group and then you should jump in by:

  • Offering comprehensive information and tools to your fellow HR professionals. For example, feel free to start a discussion on key issues facing HR Leaders in today’s complex economy and provide your experience and insight on the topic.
  • Reaching out and offering to be a mentor to a new HR Graduate. Providing coaching knowledge, skills and give them a jump start on their career.
  • Being recognized in the Milwaukee community for exchanging ideas, developing professional relationships, and increasing HR knowledge.
  • Staying current with legal updates and news.

Metro Milwaukee SHRM Social Media Tips

  • These technologies are meant to enhance your community, not replace it.
  • Be realistic about your timeframes and expectations. It may take a few tries to get a “critical mass” of users.
  • Communicate well and often.
  • Be redundant in your messaging.
  • Cultivate potential evangelists.
  • Collect testimonials from members to use in encouraging others to participate.

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