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Welcome and Introductions 

Keynote—Survivor of Domestic Violence
Presented by: Katie
Survivor, Katie will share her story on how domestic violence impacted her life personally and professionally. Katie was in an eight year domestic violence relationship when she was referred to Sojourner by the District Attorney’s Office.   

The Role of Human Resources
Presented by: Katie Kassulke, Medical College of Wisconsin
On average, nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States. During one year, this equates to more than 10 million women and men. These staggering statistics are alarming and whether we realize it or not, we can all potentially be faced with a dangerous situation moving into the workplace.  As Human Resource professionals, we need to have partnerships within our organization to take a multi-disciplinary approach to provide a safe and secure environment when a violent situation moves to a workplace reality.  Taking steps now before a situation enters your work world can set you up for success in preparing an all-encompassing intervention plan. 

The Employee Assistance Program Role
Presented by: Dan Potterton and Randy Kratz, FEI
Of all employee personal problems that HR professionals and managers are called upon to address, none may be more complicated and stressful than domestic violence. Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are frequently called on to support organizations and their workforces as they navigate this serious, often confusing and sometimes deadly intersection of personal health, employment law, organizational wellness and public safety. Using case studies and real life examples, FEI will discuss best practices for assisting organizations at various stages of suspected or actual domestic violence, and review the services we provide to our client companies before, during and after suspected incidents of domestic violence.


Sojourner Peace Center Role and Resources
Presented by: Carmen Pitre, Sojourner Peace Center
In this session, we will explore the basic dynamics of family violence, outline several historical frameworks for understanding this violence and review the warning signs and impact of violence on survivors in the workplace.  The presenter will discuss the value of workplace safety for victims of family violence and outline steps that workplaces can take to help increase victim safety.  We will also discuss the local implementation of the Lethality Assessment Protocol (LAP) and an advocate’s perspective of changes that are resulting from this project.  In addition, we will explore the co-located model of service for families impacted by violence and outline the resources that are available to help ensure victim safety in our communities.

The Role of the Security Team
Presented by: Julie Schneider, Milwaukee County Transit System & Gina Meyer, FedEx
This session will outline the role that an internal security department plays in the threat assessment process, providing safety planning and security support to both the target and others, and what role they can play in safety planning and assistance beyond the workplace.  You will hear from 2 career security professionals who will outline specific procedures to employ when protecting employees as well as challenges and steps to take when protecting a mobile workforce.

The Role of Law Enforcement
Presented by: Captain Aimee Obregon, PhD, Milwaukee Police Department
This presentation will examine the effects of domestic violence/IPV in the workplace through a case study. The case study will provide an overview of several local incidents in which domestic violence lead to violence in the workplace of the victim. Learners will receive an overview of domestic/intimate partner violence as well as its prevalence, both nationally and locally. In addition, learners will be presented with information on the Lethality Assessment Protocol, developed by Dr. Jacquelyn Campbell, and  understand how this is being implemented locally to identify those in the greatest danger as a result of domestic/intimate partner violence.


Active Shooter Preparedness
Presented by: Dave Young, Vistelar
Provide staff, administration and security personnel with the necessary tools to increase awareness, provide options and make the most effective decisions possible under stressful and ever changing situations while maintaining the safety and welfare of their staff and customers.


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