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Planning for Performance at the Point of Work Joe Dunlap
Gary Wise

October 27, 2020

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The Outward Mindset: Driving Success by Looking Beyond Yourself  Joy Duce 

October 6, 2020

Run Time:
45 minutes

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Diversity and Inclusion in Milwaukee: Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going?


Denise Banks
Andrés González
Julie Landry


September 9, 2020

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Association Update (Annual Meeting)


MM SHRM Board of Directors

August 24, 2020

Run Time: 
40 minutes

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COVID’s Impact on Talent Acquisition


Diane Ekstrand
Natalie Forward
Tom Slaski


August 20, 2020

Run Time:
1 hour

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None available

Beyond Urgent Care: New Uses of Telemedicine for the Workforce of the Future


Dr. Tiffany Mullen


August 11, 2020

Run Time:
1 hour

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