Spring Conference

2018 Spring Conference

April 26, 2018 
Country Springs Hotel | Waukesha



HR:  Elevating Your Game

Whether you are a die-hard or casual fan, there are, undeniably, some great stories and great personalities in the sports world.  The best stories usually have to do with overcoming adversity.  The best personalities usually are the ones who understood that to win took a great individual effort, but it also took teamwork. 

Is it any different in the business world?

For our Spring Conference this year, we’re going to challenge attendees to elevate their game!  We’re going to focus on the basics and then take things to the next level.  We’re also going to give attendees time to build their team (network) and give them the tools they need to be a better leader on the job, at home, and in their community. 

Kicking off and wrapping up our day, we’ll hear from nationally acclaimed speaker Ross Bernstein.  Ross is the best-selling author of nearly 50 sports books and he has addressed groups on peak performance on four continents and to groups as large as 10,000.  He’ll open with lessons from the sports world that can make us better in business and close with thoughts about the great coaches and insights into what made them – and their teams – perform at the highest levels. 

Between Ross’s presentations, we have twelve breakout sessions planned, each lasting one hour.  It’s there, in our breakout sessions, that we want attendees to learn new skills, enhance existing skills, think strategically, and be a better team player and coach.  Our message to attendees is summed up pretty well in this quote:

“Never chase what you want.  Elevate your game until what you want chases you….”

We’re asking you to help HR elevate its game!

We’re looking for great speakers, of course, but we’ll giving particular consideration to those speakers who will adopt and build upon our theme in their presentations.  Speakers can cover any number of HR-related topics and you will be asked to provide insights about your intended audience in your program submittal.

One of the hardest things we do each year is to pick just twelve programs from among the dozens that we receive.  We’ll look for a balance of programs across the HR disciplines, but the focus will always be on choosing the highest quality presentations.  The good news is, every proposal will be kept on file for our Special Interest Group leaders and future conference planning committees to review, making this your best opportunity of the year to let us know about you and your program.  



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