Spring Conference

2020 Spring Conference
April 30, 2020
Italian Conference Center  |  Milwaukee


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 Speaker Submissions Due Friday, November 22nd 


Better Work…

Our theme for the 2020 Spring Conference is Better Work…

Better Work is the topic of our morning keynote, the basis of our conference graphic, and the theme for all of our presentations.  We’re asking you to think about your proposals and theme them around these ideas:

  • What can I do better at work?
  • How can I improve job performance?
  • What can I do to become a better employee?
  • How can I affect others at work and their performance?
  • How can my company become or remain a place where people want to come to work and stay?

The challenge for our session speakers this year will be to challenge their audience.  Bring your best ideas for innovative ideas and process improvements and look at every facet of better work and what that might look like.  Be creative.  Have fun!

You might consider the following:  How will you build on the traditions of the HR profession?  How can you take HR to the next level?  How does the executive suite view “better work”?  Is the HR professional and the employee or candidate seeing “better work” the same way.  Is there new research to present?  Can you help HR professionals with technical expertise to get better at what they do?  Will you talk about an idea that was implemented in you company?  Will you share a case-study about a client who benefitted from a new product or service you implemented at one of their facilities?  Will you talk about the workforce, it’s values, and tapping into its strengths?  Will you bring a new approach to the learning experience?

As always, the presentations we select will include great speakers and great topics, but we’ll give special consideration to those speakers who build on our theme in their presentations.  The Request for Proposal covers most of what you need to submit, but we’re happy to answer any other questions you might have about the theme or anything else related to the presentations.

Without question, selecting just twelve programs from among the dozens that we receive is one of the hardest things we have to do each year.  We’ll look for a balance of programs across the HR disciplines, but the focus will always be on choosing the highest quality presentations.  The good news is, every proposal will be kept on file for our Special Interest Group leaders and future conference planning committees to review, making this your best opportunity of the year to let us know about you and your program.

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