Since its inception, Metro Milwaukee SHRM has been serving human resource management professionals throughout Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin.  From our beginning until now, we have grown to become the largest HR association in the area and one of the largest SHRM-affiliated chapters in the country.   And we’re only getting started….

What drives us is our mission:  “Serve the professional and advance the profession.”  We do that through professional education, communications, networking, outreach, and more.  We connect with the larger business community, promote the work of the HR professional, and advocate on behalf of our members.

By working together, we are all more successful.  We share our time, talent, and energy to build an organization that has contributed to the success of HR professionals, their organizations, and our community for more than 75 years.


Metro Milwaukee SHRM believes in the dignity of all people. We believe in the power of professional relationships and teamwork. We believe in our members and the positive difference they make in the through their commitment to this profession.

Value Proposition

Metro Milwaukee SHRM members become leaders in their communities through education, by building professional relationships, and by facilitating the exchange of cutting-edge ideas and business solutions.


Metro Milwaukee SHRM is committed to 'Serving the Professional' by:

      • Providing comprehensive information and tools to human resource professionals to enable them to make educated decisions;
      • Investing in the appropriate research and infrastructure to provide access to and delivery of information; and
      • Being the recognized forum for the exchange of ideas, for the development of professional relationships, and for increasing human resource knowledge.

Metro Milwaukee SHRM is committed to ‘Advancing the Profession’ by:

      • Setting the agenda for the human resource profession;
      • Reflecting social responsibility in strategic and tactical decisions;
      • Ensuring human resources is recognized for its contributions to business success;
      • Enhancing the capability and credibility of the human resource profession; and
      • Building communities for the exchange of cutting edge business ideas.

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