Member In Transition Program

In an effort to maintain a strong level of engagement with its current members, Metro Milwaukee SHRM recognizes that there are times when it becomes necessary to provide additional support for those who may have recently lost their jobs because of circumstances in the national economy. 

When such circumstances arise, the Board of Directors can implement a “Member In Transition Program.”  The Program is only available to those individuals who have been a member of the association for the full year prior to implementation and it may not be applied retroactively (resulting in a refund of dues already paid).  

This program has no effect on dues rates for new members.   

The Member In Transition allows members to request a suspension of dues upon renewal for three months.  The request can be made and granted up to four times, covering a full year of membership.  When the member is no longer in transition (employed), he/she would pay their renewal at the pro-rated amount for the balance of the year.  

In exchange for the suspension of dues, a Member In Transition must register with Metro Milwaukee SHRM and indicate their preference for volunteer opportunities that may arise, including event staff, outreach, program planning, etc.  Volunteer opportunities provide the opportunity to stay engaged with the association and further develop networking opportunities. 

Requests for assistance under the Member In Transition program must be submitted in writing to the Association office (  The requests are subject to verification.

 A Member In Transition has all of the rights and privileges of membership and may be offered additional discounts for some programs.  A Member In Transition can also participate in groups/roundtables Metro Milwaukee SHRM may establish to provide networking opportunities, career assistance, etc.

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