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The Metro Milwaukee SHRM Job Bank is for employers and HR professionals alike. This service, which serves the Metro Milwaukee area, seeks to connect HR professionals and employers looking for the best and brightest in the profession.  

The content of the advertisements posted are submitted by employers and are not drafted or otherwise independently verified by Metro Milwaukee SHRM.  We believe in transparency to our members; therefore, we will not post confidential positions.


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To post a position to www.mmshrm.org, please click the "Post a Position" button below.  Once you have placed your order, you will receive an e-mail with next steps.  Included in this e-mail there will be a template to fill out and return to office@mmshrm.org.  The position will not be posted until: (1) payment is received and (2) the position template is received.  Please feel free to reach out to office@mmshrm.org or 888-782-6815 x 2 if you have any questions.  

Metro Milwaukee SHRM Job Posting policy

Metro Milwaukee SHRM's Web site has become a valuable tool to attract candidates for your open positions. The intent of providing this service is to facilitate the continuing development of the Human Resources community in Southeastern Wisconsin, and its value to employers. Please read the following conditions before filling out the agreement form and posting your job.

    • Postings must represent actual current job openings.
    • Positions will be posted within three (3) business days.
    • Payment is due in the Metro Milwaukee SHRM office at time of job posting.
    • Posting will be retained online for a period of sixty (60) days unless you inform Metro Milwaukee SHRM that the position has been filled.
    • The information entered on the job posting will be used in its exact form. Before submitting, please verify that all information is correct.
    • By submitting a job posting, you are agreeing not to hold Metro Milwaukee SHRM responsible for errors submitted through this form.
    • If after your job is posted you discover an error, the Job Bank Administrator will correct it at your request for an additional $25.00 fee.
    • There will be no charge to you for an error on the part of Metro Milwaukee SHRM or the Job Bank Administrator.
    • In general, the employer should always be identified.
    • All information regarding a job posting is subject to verification.
    • Any misrepresentation of a position posted and/or the employer will result in immediate removal of the posting and will disqualify the individual/employer from further participation in the posting service.
    • Position posting confidentiality cannot be maintained.
    • The content of the advertisements posted are submitted by employers and are not drafted or otherwise independently verified by Metro Milwaukee SHRM staff.

For those interested in a broader search for employers or HR professionals, consider the statewide resources and/or national resources available through the Wisconsin State Council of SHRM (WISHRM) and SHRM.

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