HRBP Resource Group

Wednesday, September 18, 2019
7:45 am – 9:15 am

Topic: Equity Awareness – Gender/Pay Equities/Achieving Equity in the Workplace


Description: Join us for a great discussion on achieving Gender/Pay Equities for your company!  Ron Sowadski , PhD in Psychology, and HR Business Consultant with ADP  will join us and discuss strategies and ideas on what HR practitioners should know and how it can impact a business. Ron, a former VP of HR, Ron meets with about 250 different organizations per year so he can provide a wide range of input into how other companies are approaching this topic.

This is a timely subject for all!



Speaker: Ron Sadowski  is with ADP, as an HR Consultant.  PhD in Psychology,   Ron’s background spans years in the global HR world, helping clients identify and develop strategies to bring talent to their operations.  Ron’s dissertation was on Equity in the workplace, so can add a lot of strategic comment to the subject!  


Location: ADP (330 E Kilboourn Avenue | Milwaukee, WI 53202)


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ADP (330 E Kilboourn Avenue | Milwaukee, WI 53202)


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